This is a partial client list:

American Cancer Society (LA)
AVA Furniture (San Jose)
Access Television Networks
Arcadia All Pro Athletic Club
Arcadia (furniture)
Alger International (chandeliers, lighting fixtures),
Aurora Borealis Group
Agajanian Law Group
Brantley and Assoc.
Brush Research Manufactures
Blackstock Advertising
Cascade Imports
Draft Worldwide
Dubnoff Center
Fry Reglet
FLA Golf
GIE Media
Golf One Industries
Hansen's Fresh Juices
Huntington Memorial Hospital
Hartwell Corp.
Hely and Weber
Hilton Hotel - LAX
Holiday Inn
Indian Ridge - PGA West
Kent H. Landsburg Co.
Lusive Decor
McNall Advertising
McNall and Blackstock Advertising
National Health Laboratories
Midway Hospital Medical Plaza
Popular Mechanics
Parker, Milliken, Clark, O'hara and Samuelian
Rosenberg and Koffman
The Next Level
Alan Dale Webmasters
Digital Musical Express
Matador USA
McKinsy and Company
Merrill Lynch
Nesheim and Associates
Public Storage
Pink House Imports
Recycling Today
STS Productions
Sky Blazers
Shaklee Corp,
Spectrum Club
Sports Club LA
Sports Club Irvine
Vid Com Group
Time Warner Communications
WIRED (lighting)
Western Mixers
Western Exterminator
West Valley Studios
Yosemite Waters